This is the first scenario of the campaign.

  • Norway has called up its reserves, deployed forces to forward bases and has requested support from NATO. The request for support was submitted to the North Atlantic Council (NAC) 4 hours ago.
  • It is now early afternoon on 13 Feb 1994.

You are the commander all forces in Northern Norway. Allied Forces North Norway (AFNN) HQ is in Bodo Norway, this is a 'dual hat' organization which maintains National Command of Norwegian forces North of Orland and reports to Allied Forces North (AFNORTH).

Over the past 6 hours you have deployed the 2nd Battalion of Brigade Nord, forward to garrison Banak, Kirkenes and other airports in Finmark province. In part these forces will facilitate a limited evacuation of the civilian population, but the primary role is to be ready to defend. Naval and Air forces have also staged forward and have gone to a high readiness posture.

The NATO AWACS flight normally allocated to AFNN has been deployed for the past two weeks in preparation for the Olympics and is ready to support operations in all respects.

NATO AWACS It is a cold day off the North Cape, it is unlikely to stay that way!

An excellent After Action Review (AAR) of this scenario can be found here.