Northern Fury Background and Scenarios

The Northern Fury scenarios follow a campaign from the initial Soviet onslaught through Norway and the North Atlantic all the way to the conclusion of the war. This campaign is the genesis of the alternate history created by Northern Fury and is the central theme running through the story.

The scenarios, fifty eight (58) in total, depict the epic struggle of a resurgent Soviet fleet attempting to strangle NATO and force a favorable situation for resolution at the bargaining table. The USSR feels, and is in fact being, strangled by the west. Their real objective is a Europe without NATO, and with the US no longer having control over potential trading partners in a region tired of a century of warfare, hot and cold.

The scope and scale of the confrontation provide little or no room for the political wrangling and double-speak we in the real world have become so accustomed to in the past 25 years. A 'coalition of the willing' is generally not needed in a global war of survival. NATO's search for a new reason to exit is obviously no longer in question and nations respond to General Defense Plans (GDP) long practiced and still remembered by governments and militaries steeped in Cold War experience.

NATO however, is caught 'flat-footed' by the surprise Soviet attack, its forces are out of place, and some are out of date. Some nations realized as early as 1990 that the 'Peace Dividend' was a phantom dream of the optimistic elements of society, others did not. The gradual increase in tension, proliferation of older weapons systems, political turmoil in the third world and outright hostility of the hard line Soviet regimes policies did eventually convince all that the Cold war was getting colder. By the winter of 1993/94 even the most reluctant were once again looking over their war stocks, some in horror at how quickly equipment and training succumb to the atrophy of neglect.

This is genuinely a conflict at the cusp of technological revolution. Digital warfare is in its infancy, many nations are using Viet Nam era equipment while some cutting edge technologies are making their first appearance. The play of these scenarios shows advantages and the disadvantages of these high tech systems, precise and deadly but rare and tricky to use. Juxtaposed with the mass of 60's era dumb bombs and dead reckoning, combining the new and the old provides the player with some very interesting results. The technology gap is not all one-sided, the USSR has invested heavily in new technology, so whether it is F-4 Phantoms going up against Su-27's or F-15's meeting MiG-21's the clash of layered technology gaps makes the battle challenging.

When tackling a campaign of this magnitude it quickly becomes apparent that two things rule the flow of conflict far more than any other factor: Logistics and time. Every attempt has been made to limit both sides to the physical reality of these two factors, munitions are limited, fuel for both ships and aircraft must be provided, numbers and availability of resources are tacked. Benefit of the doubt has been granted to logistics staff of both sides who would be making super-human efforts to keep things working, but limits of speed and capacity rule some key decisions made by in the design and hoisted onto the player. I hope that this adds a context of reality and an enriched experience for the gamer who follows this story from scenario to scenario.

Some of these scenarios are playable by both sides but most are NATO only, as that truly shows the desperation of the situation from the viewpoint of the defender. Although the campaign is designed to be played sequentially, this could be daunting as some of the earlier scenarios are also some of the most challenging. I recommend that you are reasonably familiar with the mechanics of COMMAND before attempting the first two scenarios, but many of the others are quite manageable to the novice player. Linkages with several other campaigns become evident through this series; Mediterranean Fury is raging but strategic decisions by NATO provide more resources for Northern Fury. Caribbean Fury is an initial distraction for the US, UK, the Netherlands and France but once the situation there appears to calm down, more assets are forthcoming. The events in Baltic Fury become a major threat to the success of this campaign, causing some critical timing decisions that the player is forced to live with. Even the far off campaigns in Indian Ocean and Pacific Fury, have an impact on the player. Eventually all of these scenarios will be available for the player to enjoy, but currently the story will have to suffice.

Scenarios planned for this campaign are:

113 FebH-HourSurprise Air and Airmobile Op, North CapeHard
213 FebX-Ray StationASW sweep of NATO picket subsVery Hard
313 FebDagger to the HeartSub attack on Civilian shipping off New York HarbourModerate
414 FebA Cold and Lonely PlaceQuick and dirty fight to fend off a Soviet move to seize Jan Mayen IslandModerate
514 FebBardufoss BluesAir superiority fight over BardufossHard
614 FebTrondheim ExpressSoviet Amphibious attack on Trondheim. STANAVFORLANT is in the wayHard
715 FebKeflavik CapersAirborne assault on IcelandModerate
816 FebPlug the GAPAmphibious assaults on the Faros and Shetland Islands. HMS Invincible responds.Moderate
917 FebHold the LineUSS Enterprise CVBG Blocks attacks on the Air and Sea LOCsHard
1019 FebEisenhower moves NorthUSS Eisenhower CVBG regroups after a fight in the Med and steams north to engageModerate
1119 FebChanging of the GuardUSS Carl Vinson CVBG relives the embattled Enterprise group south of IcelandHard
1219 FebCommand at SeaUSS Mount Whitney with Comd 2nd Fleet and staff embarked come under attackEasy
1321 FebCutting the TetherSpecial Ops on Jan Mayen IslandsEasy
1421 FebHere Comes the CavalryUSS Carl Vinson and Eisenhower CVBGs counter attackHard
1521 FebStab in the DarkSpecial Ops insertion on IcelandEasy
1622 FebSub SurgeTask Force 42 consisting of 9 Subs move to interdict Soviet forces North of NorwayVery Hard
1722 FebPoke in the EyeSmall targeting action near ReykjavikEasy
1822 FebAnt Eaters RevengeF-111 strike to neutralize Soviet forces in IcelandVery Hard
1923FebDecapitationCarl Vinson and Eisenhower visit Iceland again to target Soviet C2Moderate
2023 FebBUFF StampedeB-52 strike on IcelandHard
2124 FebSweep-upCarl Vinson and Eisenhower strike Iceland a 3rd time while Eisenhower heads deeper into Soviet held territory and Carl Vinson supports the initial USMC insertionsModerate
2225 FebVagar VengeanceUK lead NATO TG retakes Faros IslandsModerate
2325 FebSwift, Silent & DeadlyForce Recon insertion onto IcelandModerate
2426 FebBattlewagons to War!USS Wisconsin and Missouri conducting Pre amphibious moves of IcelandModerate
2526/27 FebJar Heads on IceAmphibious assault to retake IcelandModerate
2628 FebLand of Fire & IceHy fighting and build up on Iceland.Moderate
2728 FebOut on a limbEisenhower steps into the jaws of dangerHard
281 MarBump in the nightSmall convoy actionModerate
299/10 MarSomething's FishyUnconventional amphibious assault across Trondheim FjordModerate
3010/11 MarLance to the ChestMissile Boat Action off BerganEasy
3110/11 MarShield of FaithA2A fight over South Norway while 82nd arrivesModerate
3210/11 MarSneak & PeekSmall submarine actionEasy
3310/11 MarInto the nightSOF insertion in Norway (representative of several)Moderate
3430 daysLongest BattleConvoy Campaign involving hundreds of shipsVery Large
3511 MarShoulder to Shoulder4 CVBGs attack towards Norway - major counter attackHard & Complex
3613 MarWrestling an OctopusTactical JAAT near LillehammerHard
3713/14 MarCharge of the Lt Bde3 CVs attack North supported by LBA to knock out the 2 southern basesModerate
3814/15 MarHammerLBA attack against Sov Locs (F-15E, WW & others)Moderate
3915/16 MarAnvil2 CVBGs attack Central Norway.Moderate
4016/17 MarTongs2 CVBGs take over attack in Central and North NorwayModerate
4118 MarTour de Force10 Day scenario where the whole CV group parades up the coast one by one in a wagon wheel of attacks & resupply
4220 MarBlast from the PastCoastal Bombardment
4331 MarDeath from aboveAir Assault Banak area, 2 CVBGs covering. 82nd (-) and the Brit Para Bde
4431 MarInto the BastionSeawolf & Connecticut prowl the Boomer bastion on the hunt. Detect, strip away escorts and ping only - if player kills he loses the game
451 AprFjord FolliesAmphib to seize Narvik and Bardufoss. The full Mar Div plus Brit Cdo Bde will assault. Covered by the 3 Lt carriers and the Amphib ships
464 AprLeap-frogThe 2 CVBGs that were not engaged pass through the 2 that were protecting the air landing and slide into the western Barents Sea. Hy counter attack. Wdr quickly
476 AprBanditsAir fight in southern Norway revisited
488 AprInfiltrationThis is a good place for a SOF fight
4910 AprThrust & PerrySmall ship engagement where patrol craft intercept a Sov supply convoy south of Bodo. While protecting NATO supply convoy
5014 AprClearing the netSub vs sub as Sov subs come back from the Atlantic to re-arm
5117 AprBear HuntingBears are still leaking into the Atlantic over Greenland. Time to close the door.
5220 AprTote that BargeSupply convoy into Narvik heavily attacked
5324 AprCounter pointSovs attack out of Kola, Marines and Para's defend, CVBGs (x2) come to the rescue
5430 AprInto the Hornet's nest6 CVBGs push into the Barents Sea and conduct strikes on the Kola
552 MayExtractionExtract SOF team in trouble
563 MayBury the HatchetMassive Tomahawk strike on the Kola as well as a wing of B-52s hitting with CALCMs to build the corridor to Moscow
578 MayRussian Roulette
588 MayEnd Run

Scenarios created by Bart Gauvin, AKA Gunner98