Norway Navy

Norwegian Navy: Norway's Navy is small but built specifically to operate within the confined and turbulent waters of the North Sea along its rocky and mountainous coastline.

Frigates: The Oslo Class are small Frigates but have recently been modernized (late 80's) and are capable of a wide range of general duties.

F 300Oslo Oslo ActiveCentral Port
F 301 Bergen ActiveNorth Patrol
F 302 Trondheim ActiveCentral Port
F 303 Stevanger ActiveNorth Patrol
F 304 Narvik ActiveSouth Maint
Oslo Class

Corvettes: Dating from the same era as the Oslo class but with the exception of an improved sonar installed in the late 80's, the two Sleipner class Corvettes are largely obsolete and used as training ships.

F 310Sleipner Sleipner ActiveSouth Training
F 311 Aeger ActiveSouth Training
HNoMS Sleipner

Fast Attack Craft: The most numerous type of ship in the Norwegian navy. The mountainous and fjord rich coastline provides excellent hiding ground for fast and dangerous craft.

P 961Storm Blink 6x Penguin 1North
P 962 Glimt
P 963 Skjold Ctr
P 964 Trygg
P 965 Kjekk
P 966 Djerv Ctr
P 967 Skudd
P 968 Arg
P 969 Steil
P 970 Brann Ctr
P 971 Tross Ctr
P 972 Hvass
P 973 Traust
P 974 Brott
P 975 Odd Ctr
P 977 Brask North
P 978 Rokk Ctr
P 979 Gnist
P 980Snogg Snogg 4x Penguin 1Ctr
P 981 Rapp North
P 982 Snar
P 983 Rask North
P 984 Kvikk
P 985 Kjapp North
P 986Hauk Hauk 6x Penguin 2
P 987 Orn
P 988 Terne North
P 989 Tjeld
P 990 Skarv North
P 991 Teist
P 992 Jo
P 993 Lom Ctr
P 994 Stegg
P 995 Falk Ctr
P 996 Ravn
P 997 Gribb North
P 998 Geir
P 999 Erle
Hauk Class

Snogg Class

Storm Class

Submarines: Because of the proximity to the Soviet Union, the confined waters and rugged coastlines the Norwegian Navy operated in, the key method of defending was stealth and ambush. The numerous FAC listed above were one method of achieving this tactic, submarines were another.

Ula Class Submarine: Built in Germany and known as the Type 210 class, having improvements over the very popular Type 209 class. All six boats were commissioned between 1989 and 1992 and therefore represent some of the most modern submarines available at the start of Northern Fury. These are very stealthy and dangerous boats which would give any enemy surface combatants pause to consider the dangers in Norwegian waters.

S300Ula Active Bergen Tied Up
S301Utsira Active North Cape Patrol
S302UlsteinActive Norwegian SeaPatrol
S303Utvaer Active Bergen Tied Up
S304Uthaug Active Bergen Tied Up
S305Uredd Active North Sea Patrol

Kobben Class: These submarines were also built in Germany as the Type 207 class and were an improved version of the Type 205 class. In total 15 boats were delivered to Norway between 1964 and 1967. Due to age, accidents and decommissioning, 8 remain in service at the start of Northern Fury.

S314Sklinna Active Bergen Tied Up
S306Skolpen Refit Bergen
S308Stord Active North Sea Patrol
S309Svenneer Active Bergen Tied Up
S315kaura Active Bergen Tied Up
S316Kinn Active Norwegian SeaPatrol
S318Kobben Active North Cape Patrol
S319Kunna Active Norwegian SeaPatrol

Norwegian Coast Guard: The Coast Guard is part of the Navy and takes responsibility for fisheries and shipping inspection, customs and law enforcement, boarder control, environmental protection and search and rescue. Although it is a small force its wide ranging scope keeps it quite busy. To handle much of the day to day coastal work. there are ten small patrol ships of less than 1000 tones, seven of them are chartered, each has 1x 40mm Bofors gun. The one class of larger ships is the Nordkapp class.

Nordkapp Class: These three Outer Coast Guard Ships, otherwise called Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) are 3300 tones, the size of a Frigate, but have fewer weapons or sensors. Their hulls are strengthened to withstand limited ice crushing, or ice browsing. Although it only carries a 57mm gun and machine guns, it can be fitted with Depth Charges, Penguin anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, 20mm guns and Mistral SAMs in wartime. The peacetime crew is 52 plus 6 for the air detachment, its wartime establishment is 76 and it has bunk space for 109. They each carry a Lynx helicopter, primarily for SAR.

W320Nordkapp Active North Cape Patrol
W321Senja Active Oslo Tied up
W322Andenes Active North Sea Patrol