Italy Navy

Italy has a moderate sized navy known as the Marina Militare (MM) which had recently been modernized with some very capable ships, most of the older ships had been retired but some were still held in reserve preservation.

Aircraft Carrier: Italy boasts one light Aircraft Carrier; The Giuseppe Garibaldi which is relatively new but holding only a limited air group of 12-16 AV-8B Harrier II+ and 12-18 helicopters of various types. The Harriers, historically delivered between 1994 and 1998 (3 were available for deployment of the Garibaldi in Jan 95), were accelerated into service and, although new with crew under training, they are available for the start of Northern Fury.

C 551 Giuseppe Garibaldi

Guided Missile Helicopter Cruisers (CGH): Similar to the Soviet Moskva or French Jeanne d'Arc, these ships were primarily focused on leading ASW Task Groups. Of the three, the two Andrea Doria class were tied up in reserve preservation but will make an appearance before the end of the Northern Fury Campaign.

C 550Vittorio Venito Vittorio Venito Active
C 553Andria Doria Andria Doria Reserve
C 554 Caio Duilio Reserve
C 550 Vittorio Veneto

C 553 Andria Doria

C 554 Caio Duilio

Destroyers: Although Italy only had four Destroyers, the Audace Class was considered world class when built, now reaching mid life, this position was taken by the brand new Durand de la Penne class. All four are capable all round ships with excellent air defence, anti surface and ASW capabilities, and superb sensors. The one curiosity is the effectiveness of the AB.212 ASW helicopter.

D 551Audace Audace
D 550 Ardito
D 560Durand de la PenneDurand de la Penne
D 561 Francesco Mimbeli
Audace Class

Durand de la Penne Class

Frigates: A total of 24 Frigates, Corvettes and Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) serve the Marina Militare. The Lupo class which was quite successful in foreign sails with 14 of 18 being sold offshore and four being commissioned. The Lupo's were followed by eight Maestrale's, another very successful class of ship suitable for diverse duties at home and abroad. The newly commissioned Minerva class FFL or Corvette was an excellent coastal ASW platform and the Cassiopeia class OPV rounded out the fleet.

F 564Lupo Lupo Persian Gulf
F 565 Sagittario
F 567 Orsa
F 570Maestrale Maestrale
F 571 Grecale
F 572 Libeccio
F 573 Scirocco
F 574 Aliseo Persian Gulf
F 575 Euro
F 576 Espero
F 577 Zeffiro
F 580Alpino Alpino
F 581 Carabiniere
F 551Minerva Minerva
F 552 Urania
F 553 Danaide
F 554 Sfinge
F 555 Driade
F 556 Chimera
F 557 Fenice
F 558 Sibilla
P 401 Cassiopea
P 402 Libra Persian Gulf
P 403 Spica Indian Ocean
P 404 Vega
Lupo Class

Maestrale class

Alpino class

Minerva Class FFL

Cassiopea Class OPV

Submarines: All submarines in service with the MM were variations of the Sauro class.

S 518Nazario Sauro Nazario Sauro
S 519 Carlo Fecia di Cossato
S 520Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci
S 521 Guglielmo Marconi
S 522Salvatore Pelosi Salvatore Pelosi
S 523 Giuliano Prini
S 524Primo Longobardo Primo Longobardo
Sauro Class