Greece Navy

The Greek Navy is fairly potent for the likely area of its employment, the Aegean Sea, a small congested area with a lot of traffic.

Destroyers: These are modified Ex-American Charles F Adams class DD

D 218C.F. AdamsKimon
D 219 Nearchos
D 220 Formion
D 221 Themistoklis
D 218 HS Kimon firing a Standard missile

Frigates: The Hellenic Navy was moving away from Destroyers and investing in Frigates, unfortunately the change in political climate curbed the sale of several second hand ships to Greece, leaving her short on capability. The Elli class was a lengthened and modified version of the Dutch Kortenaer Class, the next two ships on the list were the first of six Kortenaer's that Greece purchased from the Dutch, the remaining four will remain in Dutch service for this campaign; the first of four Meko 200 class ships, the Hydra was built in Germany while the remaining examples were built in Greece and would be several more years in construction. The purchase of three Knox class from the US was canceled but was used as leverage to carry on with the purchase of F-16's, as detailed in the Air Force section.

F 450Elli Elli Kortenaer variant
F 451 Limnos
F 459Kortenaer Adrias
F 460 Aigaion
F 452Meko 200 Hydra
Elli Class

F 459 HS Adrias

HS Hydra

Fast Attack Craft: In the restricted waters of the Aegean Sea this type of craft become far more powerful than their diminutive size would indicate. With the exception of a batch of La Comattante IIa that Germany retained, the numbers here remain historical.

P 14La Combattante II Anninos
P 15Arliotis
P 16Konidis
P 17Batsis
P 18Osprey 55Armatolos
P 19Navmachos
Six La Combattante II a were not transferred from Germany
P 20La Combattante III Laskos
P 21 Blessas
P 22 Mikonios
P 23 Troupakis
P 24La Combattante III b Kavaloudis
P 25 Kostakos
P 26 Degiannis
P 27 Xenos
P 28 Simitzopoulos
P 29 Starakis
P 57Osprey HSY55 Pyrpolitis
P 61 Polemistis
La Combattante IIIb

Submarines: The Hellenic Navy operates some of the newest submarines in the region. The German built Type 209, in both the 1100 and the slightly larger 1200 variants.

S 111Type 209-1100 Nireus
S 112 Triton
S 113 Proteus
S 116Type 209-1200 Prontos
S 117 Amphitriti
S 118 Okeanos
S 119 Poseidon
Type 209-1200