Germany Navy

The Bundesmarine is primarily a focused on control of the western Baltic sea, although they have interests in the North Sea and routinely send units to exercise and patrol with NATO forces.

Marine Destroyers: Although ageing these ships have been kept updated and are quite capable

D 181Hamburg Hamburg ActiveAtlanticRetained
D 182 Schleswig-Holstein ActiveAtlanticRetained
D 183 Bayern ActiveBaltic Retained
D 185Lutjens Lütjens ActiveAtlantic
D 186 Mölders ActiveBaltic
D 187 Rommel ActiveAtlantic
Hamburg Class

FGS Lutjens

Frigates: The Bremen Class are all quite new with the oldest (F 207) commissioned in 1982, and F 214 being commissioned in 1990. The Brandenburg class is newer yet with the lead ship completing her commissioning 6 months early in Feb 1994.

F 207Bremen Bremen Active Atlantic
F 208 Niedersachsen Active Baltic
F 209 Rheinland-Pfalz Active Baltic
F 210 Emden Active Med
F 211 Köln Active Baltic
F 212 Karlsruhe Active Atlantic
F 213 Augsburg Active Atlantic
F 214 Lübeck Active Atlantic
F 215Brandenburg Brandenburg Fitting out Atlantic
Bremen Class

Brandenberg Class

Fast Attack Craft: Large numbers of these craft are used in the narrow and shallow Baltic sea.

P 6111Albatros Albatros Active BalticS61
P 6112 Falke Active BalticS62
P 6113 Geier Active BalticS63
P 6114 Bussard Active BalticS64
P 6115 Sperber Active BalticS65
P 6116 Greif Active BalticS66
P 6117 Kondor Active BalticS67
P 6118 Seeadler Active BalticS68
P 6119 Habicht Active BalticS69
P 6120 Kormoran Active BalticS70
P 6121Gepard Gepard Active BalticS71
P 6122 Puma Active BalticS72
P 6123 Hermelin Active BalticS73
P 6124 Nerz Active BalticS74
P 6125 Zobel Active BalticS75
P 6126 Frettchen Active BalticS76
P 6127 Dachs Active BalticS77
P 6128 Ozelot Active BalticS78
P 6129 Wiesel Active BalticS79
P 6130 Hyäne Active BalticS80
P 6140Tiger Kalypso Active BalticS40
P 6141 Tiger Active BalticS41
P 6142 Iltis Active BalticS42
P 6143 Luchs Active BalticS43
P 6144 Marder Active BalticS44
P 6145 Leopard Active BalticS45
P 6146 Fuchs Active BalticS46
P 6147 Jaguar Active BalticS47
P 6148 Löwe Active BalticS48
P 6149 Wolf Active BalticS49
P 6150 Panther Active BalticS50
P 6151 Häher Active BalticS51
P 6152 Storch Active BalticS52
P 6153 Pelikan Active BalticS53
P 6154 Elster Active BalticS54
P 6155 Alk Active BalticS55
P 6156 Dommel Active BalticS56
P 6157 Weihe Active BalticS57
P 6158 Pinguin Active BalticS58
P 6159 Reiher Active BalticS59
P 6160 Kranich Active BalticS60
Albatros Class

Gepard Class

Tiger Class


S 180Type 205 U-1 Active Baltic
S 181 U-2 Active Baltic
S 182 U-4 Active Baltic
S 183 U-5 Active Baltic
S 184 U-6 Active Baltic
S 185 U-7 Active Baltic
S 186 U-8 Active Baltic
S 187 U-9 Active Baltic
S 188 U-10 Active Baltic
S 189Type 205A U-11 Active Baltic
S 190Type 205B U-12 Active Baltic
S 192Type 206 U13 Active Baltic
S 193Type 206 U14 Active Baltic
S 194Type 206A U15 Active Baltic
S 195Type 206A U16 Active Baltic
S 196Type 206A U17 Active Baltic
S 197Type 206A U18 Active Baltic
S 198Type 206 U19 Active Baltic
S 199Type 206 U20 Active Baltic
S 170Type 206 U21 Active Baltic
S 171Type 206A U22 Active Baltic
S 172Type 206A U23 Active Baltic
S 173Type 206A U24 Active Baltic
S 174Type 206A U25 Active Baltic
S 175Type 206A U26 Active Baltic
S 176Type 206 U27 Active Baltic
S 177Type 206A Active Baltic
S 178Type 206A U29 Active Baltic
S 179Type 206A U30 Active Baltic
Type 205

Type 206