France Navy Submarines

France maintains a wide range of submarines, from the 8000 Ton Ballistic Missile Nuclear powered SSBNs to the 1200 Ton Agosta class Patrol Submarines (SS).

SSBNS611Redoutable Port
S612Terrible Refit
S610Foudroyant Port
S613Indomptable Patrol
S614Tonnant Refit
S615Inflexible Patrol
SSN S601Rubis Mediterranean
S602Saphir Indian O
S603Casabianca Port
S604Emeraude Refit
S605Amethyste Indian O
S606Perle Atlantic
SS S620Agosta Atlantic
S621Beveziers Atlantic
S622La Praya Refit
S623Ouessant Atlantic
A69 D'Estienne d'Orves Pacific
A69 Amyot d'Inville Caribbean
Agosta class SS

Rubis Class SSN

le Redoutable Class SSBN