France Navy Frigates

In the French Navy, Frigates are meant for either coastal ASW patrol or for overseas patrols in a low threat environment. The La Fayette class is nearing completion while the Commandant Riviere Class has just been sold off, leaving two classes in service: The Floreal class Patrol Frigates (OPV) and the E'Estienne D'Orves (or A69 class) class coastal ASW ships. Many Navies would consider the A69 class to be a Corvette due to its small displacement of less than 1200 Tons.

F 730Floreal Floreal Indian
F 731Floreal Prairial Pacific
F 732Floreal Nivose Atlantic
F 733Floreal Ventose Caribbean
F 734Floreal Vendemiaire Pacific
F 735Floreal Germinal Atlantic
F 781A69 D'Estienne d'Orves Pacific
F 782A69 Amyot d'Inville Caribbean
F 783A69 Drogou Indian
F 784A69 Détroyat Mediterranean
F 785A69 Jean Moulin Indian
F 786A69 Quartier-Maître Anquetil Indian
F 787A69 Commandant de Pimodan Persian Gulf
F 788A69 Second-Maître Le Bihan Caribbean
F 789A69 Lieutenant de vaisseau Le Hénaff Atlantic
F 790A69 Lieutenant de vaisseau Lavallée Atlantic
F 791A69 Commandant l'Herminier Atlantic
F 792A69 Premier-Maître L'Her Atlantic
F 793A69 Commandant Blaison Atlantic
F 794A69 Enseigne de vaisseau Jacoubet Mediterranean
F 795A69 Commandant Ducuing Mediterranean
F 796A69 Commandant Birot Mediterranean
F 797A69 Commandant Bouan Mediterranean
A 69 Type Coastal Frigate

F 734 FS Vendemiaire, Floreal Class OPV