France Navy Destroyers

France classifies its escort ships by size and not function, therefore each class is assigned a role, either ASW or Missile which are primarily Air Defence, the later classes are more universal in capability. The terms Destroyer and Frigate are also used interchangeably with the title of Frigate belonging to what other navies would term Offshore Patrol Vessels.

D 602Suffren Suffren ActiveMed AAWClem BG
D 603Suffren Duquesne ActiveMed AAWFoch BG
D 609Aconit Aconit ActiveAtlanticASW
D 610Tourville Tourville ActiveAtlanticASW
D 611Tourville Duguay-Trouin ActiveAtlanticASW
D 612Tourville De Grasse ActiveAtlanticASW
D 614Cassard Cassard ActiveMed AAWFoch BG
D 615Cassard Jean Bart ActiveMed AAWClem BG
D 640Georges Leygues Georges Leygues ActiveMed ASW
D 641Georges Leygues Dupleix ActiveMed ASWFoch BG
D 642Georges Leygues Montcalm ActiveMed ASWClem BG
D 643Georges Leygues Jean de Vienne ActiveMed ASW
D 644Georges Leygues Primauguet ActiveAtlanticASW
D 645Georges Leygues Lamotte-Picquet ActiveAtlanticASW
D 646Georges Leygues Latouche-Treville ActiveAtlanticASW
Suffren Class

D 609 FS Aconit

Tourville Class

Cassard Class

George Leygues Class