Canada Navy

Canada's Navy was primarily focused on ASW work in the North Atlantic, although a Squadron was always available in the Pacific to work with the US 7th Fleet.

Tribal Class Destroyers: These four ships had just finished a mid life modernization program (TRUMP - Tribal Update and Modernization Project), making them quite capable. These ships routinely operated as a flagship for ASW task groups or within the ASW escort of a US CVBG.

DDH 280 Iroquois Active Atlantic STANAVFORLANT
DDH 281 Huron Active Pacific
DDH 282 Athabaskan Active Atlantic
DDH 283 Algonquin Active Atlantic Standing TG

The Halifax Class Frigates represented a long awaited infusion of modern capabilities into the RCN. In Northern Fury, four (of 12) member of this class are available, with three more being commissioned three months early and arriving for operations during the campaign. The remaining five will be commissioned beyond the scope of Northern Fury.

FFH 330Halifax Active Atlantic
FFH 331Vancouver Active Pacific
FFH 332Ville de Québec Commissioning AtlanticApr-94
FFH 333Toronto Active Atlantic
FFH 334Regina Active Pacific
FFH 335Calgary Building Jul-95
FFH 336Montréal Commissioning AtlanticApr-94
FFH 337Fredericton Commissioning AtlanticMay-94
FFH 338Winnipeg Building Jun-96
FFH 339Charlottetown Building Sep-95
FFH 340St. John's Building Jun-96
FFH 341Ottawa Building Sep-96

The ships the Halifax class was replacing were all commissioned in the late '50s or early '60s and were of marginal capability at best. Representing four different classes these 14 ships were all due for retirement after over 30 years of hard use in the North Atlantic or North Pacific. Essentially they remained active as life support systems for very effective towed array variable depth sonars (VDS) and the Sea King Helicopter carried on 6 of them.

DDH 265 Annapolis Annapolis Active Pacific
DDH 266 Annapolis Nipigon Active Atlantic
DDE 261 Mackenzie Mackenzie Tied Up Pacific
DDE 262 Mackenzie SaskatchewanTied Up Pacific
DDE 263 Mackenzie Yukon Tied Up Pacific
DDE 264 Mackenzie Qu'Appelle Tied Up Pacific
DDE 236 Imp Restigouche Gatineau Active Pacific
DDE 257 Imp Restigouche Restigouche Active Pacific
DDE 258 Imp Restigouche Kootenay Active Pacific
DDE 259 Imp Restigouche Terra Nova Active Pacific
DDH 207 St Laurent Skeena Active Atlantic
DDH 229 St Laurent Ottawa Tied Up Atlantic
DDH 230 St Laurent Margaree Tied Up Atlantic
DDH 233 St Laurent Fraser Active Atlantic
Annapolis Class

Mackenzie Class

Improved Restigouche Class

St Laurent Class

The RCN is also provided with replenishment oilers, the Provider was the prototype for the other two which are larger and have improved systems:

HMCS Provider

AOR 508Provider Active Pacific
AOR 509ProtecteurActive Atlantic
AOR 510Preserver Active Atlantic
HMCS Preserver

HMCS Preserver: There were also three Oberon Class submarines in Canadian service. All had recently undergone an upgrade program and were ready for another decades service.

S74 Ojibwa Active Atlantic
S75 Okanagan Active Atlantic
S76 Onondaga Active Atlantic
HMCS Ojibwa