Canada Air Force

The Canadian Air Force conducts a wide range of operations from Defence of North America under the NORAD (North American Air Defence) treaty and NATO tasks with a wing of CF-18s in Germany, to maritime patrol, Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) and search and rescue working with the Canadian Navy, to providing the Army with its tactical aviation.

CF-18: In the 80's Canada took delivery of all 138 CF-18's (98 CF-18A and 40 twin seat CF-18B). The two main roles for these aircraft were NORAD patrols in Canada's arctic and the standing NATO deployment in Baden Sollingen Germany.

1st Canadian Air Division (1 CAD) based in Baden Sollingen Germany consisted of two wings operated under control of Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force. 4 Wing was permanently established in Baden and consisted of three squadrons while 3 Wing was a 'Flyover' wing which was to deploy regularly or in periods of tension, consisting of two squadrons, one each from Cold Lake and Bagotville.

The NORAD Squadrons would be operating under the control of the Canadian NORAD Region (CANR) and would disperse to Arctic and bases on each coast in groups of six aircraft (6-Pack) each.

1 CAD 3 Wing416Lynx 18CF-18Cold Lake Lahr 24 hrs
433Porcupine 18CF-18BagotvilleLahr 18 hrs
4 Wing409Nighthawk 18CF-18Baden
421Red Indian 18CF-18Baden
439Sabre Toothed Tiger18CF-18Baden
CANR 2 Wing425Alouette 18CF-18BagotvilleEast Coast2 hrs
441Silver Fox 18CF-18Cold Lake West Coast2 hrs
Training2 Wing410Cougars 10CF-18Cold Lake

CF-5: Introduced in the late 60's the CF-5 Freedom Fighter was due to be replaced by the CF-18. Only two squadrons remain even though 135 examples were initially built. In 1988 23x CF-5A and 33x CF-5D received a major upgrade and structural overhaul, and in 1990, a further Avionics Upgrade (AUP) was provided to 46 aircraft (13 CF-5A, 33 CF-5D). Historically this second upgrade was terminated after 37 aircraft were complete but in Northern Fury they were all completed. Both remaining squadrons (434 Sqn was historically disbanded in 89 but remains here) fly a multitude of missions: Advanced fighter training and lead-in training for CF-18 pilots; Close Air Support (CAS) for the Army, Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) against the CF-18s and aggressor training against the Navy. Each squadron operates about 26 of the strengthened aircraft, more than half of them dual seat 'D' versions, mostly AUP versions.

419Moose 26CF-5A/D/AUPCold Lake
434Bluenose26CF-5A/D/AUPChatham NB

CP-140 Aurora: The Canadian version of the US P-3 which also mounts the electronics suite of the S-3 Viking to allow for a more varied mission set. 18 CP-140s were built plus 3 CP-140A Arcturus used primarily for training and fisheries patrols.

404Buffalo 5CP-140Greenwood NSOTU
405Eagle 5CP-140Greenwood NS
407Demon 5CP-140Comox BC
415Swordfish 3
Greenwood NSTesting & Eval

Transport: The Canadian Air Force operates a wide variety of transport aircraft including about 60 CC-130 Hercules, 15 CC-115 Buffalo, 18 CC-144 Challenger, 5 CC-150 Airbus, and various other aircraft.