US Navy USS America

CV-66 had just returned from an 8-month patrol in the Mediterranean a week before war start. She had been replaced by CVN-69 Eisenhower and was long overdue for a 4-6-month maintenance overhaul in dry-dock. She enters dry-dock two days after war start and her air group (CVW-1) and battle group are dispersed amongst the fleet. She emerges from the Navy Yard in July of 94 with a rebuild air group based on the East Coast Reserve wing CVWR-20

USS America

  • CV-66 America
  • CVW 1
  • VF-33 Starfighters F-14A (To CVW-3 on Eisenhower)
  • VF-102 Diamondbacks F-14A (To CVW-11 on Lincoln)
  • VFA-86 Sidewinders F/A-18C (To Training Depot for replacements)
  • VFA-136 Knighthawks F/A-18C (To CVW-6 on Enterprise)
  • VAQ-137 Rooks EA-6B (To Training Depot for replacements)
  • VAW-123 Screwtops E-2C (To Training Depot for replacements)
  • VS-32 Mauleers S-3B (To CVW-7 on Kennedy)
  • HS-11 Dragon Slayers SH-3H (To CVW-7 on Kennedy)
  • CVWR-20 (Formed Jun and deploy to re-launched CV-66 July 94)
  • VF-201 Hunters F-14A
  • VF-202 Superheats F-14A
  • VFA-203 Blue Dolphins F/A-18C
  • VFA-204 River Rattlers F/A-18C
  • VAQ-137 Rooks EA-6B (From Training Depot)
  • VAW-123 Screwtops E-2C (From Training Depot)
  • VS-35 Boomerangs S-3B
  • HS-209 Golden Gates SH-3H

1. Escorts formed as required