About Northern Fury

Northern Fury is a story line played out in a series of scenarios for COMMAND Modern Air/Naval Operations (CMANO): a game by Warfare Sims.com

This world has a resurgent Soviet Union being economically and geographically isolated by an expanding European sphere of influence. The new regime in Moscow develop a bold and risky plan to re-establish a balance of power where they have exerted their might and regain recent losses in status and power.

Strategically the Soviets wish to destabilize the emerging European Union and shatter NATO as an alliance. To achieve this they will:

  • Envelope Central Europe with the Northern Arm through Norway and the Southern Arm through Germany, seizing Berlin, Copenhagen and Oslo as bargaining chips in the process.
  • Interdict in the North Atlantic by seizing Iceland and disrupting US reinforcements to NATO and the supply of general cargo to Western Europe.
  • Distract and cause confusion in the Indian Ocean, Caribbean and Mediterranean regions with a view to tying down forces that would otherwise reinforce Europe and sewing unrest in non-aligned countries.
  • Focus attention in the Western Pacific by destabilizing South Korea, Japan and the Philippines.
  • To remove focus from Europe the Soviets will foster unrest in Africa, urge Argentina to re-attack the Falklands, assist North Korea hoping they would attack South Korea, and precipitate war between India & Pakistan.
  • Neutralize NATO's Nuclear Triad by remaining strictly conventional in all actions, and messaging the futility and vulnerability of general nuclear exchange through every means possible throughout the West.